Karagözler mah. Ece Marina karşısı Tombak apt. No:29 Fethiye - Muğla / Turkey
48300 Fethiye - Muğla / Turkey Karagözler mah. Ece Marina karşısı Tombak apt. No:29
0533 381 95 05
Maintanance & Refit

Maintanance & Refit

To maintain a yacht in a seaworthy state and complete readiness, more comprehensive maintenance is required. We are proud to offer most services necessary to keep your boat in good condition, like engine’s overhaul, lift out works, pumps and A/C servicing, teak deck replacing, interior reconstruction and instalation of new systems (e.g. sewage tank, plumbing, electronics) If you need a refit, winter maintenance or would like to upgrade some aspect of your yacht, or just need some advice, we invite you to explore the possibilities with Makri Marine & Yachting.
Wheather your yacht needs a major refit or simply a routine maintenance; our dedicated technical team will assist you with the maximum of attention for your full satisfaction.
Our skilled personnel are very well aware of the importance of managing all projects with timely precision. Our administration and invoicing network uses a proven reporting format that documents all labour, hours, tasks performed and materials purchased on a daily basis. The complexity of this documentation is essential for refit and maintenance projects and is available to both the client and the contractor for efficient job costing and progress management.
Since 1995 we have built up unique relationships with the best local workers and specialists in Fethiye and the surrounding area.
Makri Marine & Yachting team consists of internationally experienced executives, masters and marine specialists.
Phone: 0533 381 95 05
Fax: 0252 612 95 05
Karagözler mah. Ece Marina karşısı Tombak apt. No:29
48300 Fethiye - Muğla / Turkey